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5 Reasons to Schedule Professional Tick Control

Tick control service may not be the first thing you think about when summer rolls around but maybe it should be. Far too many people wrongly assume they will not need tick control point pleasant but this is untrue. Without professional pest control you are left unprotected. Take a look at five top reasons to schedule professional tick control service without delay.

1.  Ticks are often thought to live only in wooded areas but they actually live anywhere with weeds and tall grass. Keep the lawn landscaped and weeds gone so ticks do not disturb your home.

2.  Ticks carry disease. Lyme disease is the most common of the diseases. They can transmit these diseases to humans via a bite. And, it takes very little time to transmit the disease.

tick control point pleasant

3.  Without professional tick control service, there is a worry added to summer that you don’t want or need. You cannot go outside without some fear in the back of your mind. Professionals come to the home and eliminate that all.

4.  The cost to hire an exterminator to treat your property for ticks varies. Factors like the size of the property and treatment option are factors that impact this rate. Rest assured tick control service is reasonable for any budget.

5.  Your pets are at risk of being bitten by a tick.  We want to keep our pets safe and tick service is the best way to do just that. Although they prefer a human host, they’ll settle for a pet. Summertime can be a nightmare for your dogs and cats if you do not treat the lawn for ticks.

This summer, make sure you enjoy time outside without the fear or threat of ticks ruining things. The tips above are among the many reasons to schedule professional tick control service as soon as possible.