inside patio rooms lexington

Transform Your Patio in 4 Ways

The patio can be a reprieve from the home without necessarily leaving it. If you want to add more aesthetic to your patio, you should consider making some small changes to enhance the space and make it more likeable.

Create Layers

When you’re decorating your patio, you need to consider creating layers so that the space is more comfortable. Even a small space can seem inviting when it is decorated correctly, so add pillows, lights, blankets, and other items to layer the area and make it look friendlier.

Hang Curtains

inside patio rooms lexington

Curtains can be a great addition to a patio, though you may not think of this at first. If you don’t like the look of heavy drapery on your patio, try something light and slightly see through so that you can still enjoy both the sun and the look of curtains.

Accent Lighting

Don’t neglect the lighting on your patio when you are decorating, as this will make a difference in the ambiance of the space. It is especially important to have proper lighting if you plan on hanging out on the patio at night, when you’ll want to see the space around you.

Add Seating

Another thing you’ll want to remember is to add seating to inside patio rooms lexington homeowners have. Seating is a necessity if you plan on having guests on the patio or if you want to use it as a dining area. You’ll also want to have a place for household members to rest when they use the patio.

When you have a patio room and want it to look as good as possible, there is plenty you can do to make the space comfortable and unique. Add your own personal touches and consider the above d├ęcor touches when you start planning and designing.